What You Should Expect

When we receive your call, depending on circumstances we will endeavour to come and see you at the earliest opportunity. On our first visit we take all the deceased’s details and find out whether his or her last wish was a Burial or Cremation, and whether the Coroner is involved. We then advise you accordingly and take you step by step through the arrangements.

The only part of the arrangements that we the Funeral Directors cannot complete for you or on your behalf is registering the death. This has to be carried out by a member of the family, or a person present at the death. To help you register we have printed details of the times of opening and addresses of the Registrars in Anglesey and Gwynedd.

In making the arrangements we will ask you many questions, some of which you might think are very personal or private, but are very relevant and will help us to gain the overall picture of your requirements. Rest assured we will be sensitive to your feelings.

We have many duties including all arrangements, contacting all relevant establishments, ministers, Cemeteries and Crematoriums.

Taking care of your loved one is the most important part of our work. This includes the moving of the body to our Chapel of Rest, where we proceed with the laying out and the coffining of the deceased.

Depending on the last wish the deceased can stay at our chapel or we can arrange to bring the deceased back home. We then confirm and arrange where we are to meet on the Funeral day, whether we leave from our chapel, his or her home, or meet at the Church or Chapel.

When we arrive at the service we gather the family together with the bearers to go in to the service. The service is totally in the hands of the Minister and our duties are minimal while the service takes place. At the end of the service we will come forward and ask the bearers to take their places by the coffin ready to move it out of the Church or Chapel. We ask that the close family and friends walk out behind the coffin at this time.

We now leave for the committal or interment as arranged.