Making a charitable donation via / through us:

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We have vast experience in managing the donations given to our clients in memory of their loved ones and we follow strict procedures in recording, managing and distributing such donations.

In a Service:

The minister / officiant will announce the chosen charity for donations and the location of the donations box. Please note any cash donation in the box will be noted as a cash entry with no name associated with an amount, should you want to give a personal donation, please put cash in a clearly marked envelope stating your name and contact number, we will also add any donations received by post or BACS transfer. Any condolence cards received will be opened, any donation taken out and names will be noted. The cards will be then be forwarded as soon as possible to the family. You may also forward any donations that you have personally received at home to us should you wish for it to be included in the final accounting of the donations. The donations account for the deceased will then remain open for a period of one month.

At the conclusion of the month, the account will be closed, cash / cheques will be banked, and the statement of donations will be sent to you. You may then elect us as your representatives to distribute the donations as per instructions received, or we can send the total amount to you for you to be able to forward on to the charity.

Please note:

"All donations collected by us are deposited into a ‘Donation Account' (separate to the buisness acc)

Step 1: click Donate

Step 2: Fill out the online form - click send (Please note: this online form only provides the the details to be used in your online banking app)

Step 3: Log into your online banking and use the details given in step 2 to make your donation. (Please ensure the amount stated on the online form matches the amount donated by you on your online banking and please use the deceased name as your payment reference.)

Account Name : R & J Hughes and Son Ltd

For all donation related enquiries please contact: Elaine Hughes on Thursday or Friday morning 9am till 12 noon.

Mobile: 07787527900

Thank you.